Sentoko stands out as a premier provider of versatile workforce solutions, delivering temporary, contract, permanent services.

As a frontrunner in Innovative Workforce Solutions globally, Sentoko is unwavering in its commitment to offering top-tier and professional staffing solutions. This commitment is evident in every assignment we undertake, ensuring optimal outcomes for both our esteemed candidates and clients.

Our specialized team, driven by dedication, brings forth cutting-edge workforce management and recruitment solutions. We cater to a diverse range of sectors, including Distribution, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, IT, Finance, Construction, Healthcare, Catering and more.

At Sentoko, we take pride in our expertise, constantly striving to set industry benchmarks and redefine excellence in workforce solutions.

Our respected partners

We are proud of our fruitful cooperation with more than 1,100 companies around the world. These partnerships not only confirm our reputation as a reliable partner in the labor market, but also provide our clients and candidates with access to a wide range of opportunities. Together with leading enterprises, we create successful paths for professional growth and business prosperity.

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Expertise and Innovation: Sentoko excels in HR solutions with a focus on innovation. Our expert team employs cutting-edge methodologies, providing clients with advanced workforce strategies.

Flexibility and Individual Approach: Tailoring our approach to your unique needs, Sentoko offers flexible and personalized recruitment strategies, ensuring the best staffing solutions for your business.

Global Reach and Network of Partners: Partnering with Sentoko grants access to a vast global network of over 1100 companies. Benefit from our worldwide reach for successful talent acquisition and management.

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